About Us

Located in the bustling Houston area, We are committed to supporting events in your region. We understand the significance of local community engagement and strive to contribute positively to the areas we serve. We aim to bring our expertise and resources to enhance your customers’ shopping journey.

Our Services

By creating and activating events that connect with your customers

Product Demostrations

We customizes product sampling and demonstration events to deliver a unique member experience.

Special Events

We can help promote your non-food merchandise (clothing, accessories, small electrics, etc.) and other special events. We will ensure your special event runs smoothly, attracts people and achieves your sales goals.

Brand Ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors act as an extension of your brand, delivering your message, and managing customer engagement.

Insights and Analytics

We offer post-event analytics to help you gain insights into the effectiveness of your in-store promotions.We also offer a range of innovative and advanced data analysis behind your demos.

Why Choose Us

skilled and knowledgeable team

we curate a diverse range of products from various categories, highlighting their unique features and benefits

Engaging Customer Interactions

Our experienced staff members are trained to engage with customers effectively, answering their queries, offering personalized recommendations, and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Increased Sales

By providing interactive demonstrations, we can significantly boost product awareness and generate increased sales. Customers are more likely to purchase a product after experiencing its quality and benefits firsthand

Brand Enhancement:

By aligning with our established brand, you can demonstrate your commitment to offering the best products and services to your valued customers.

We provide marketing solutions

we are fully equipped to meet any special requirements for demos or convey specific product positioning messages to your customers. Our services extend beyond simply distributing free samples; we provide a total solution for demos.

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E-mail: service@lsharex.com

Phone: 503-888-0525

Address: 5800 corporate dr., Ste C4, Houston TX 77036

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